ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
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You must download this.

Evening Primrose (14.2MB) is an obscure made-for-TV movie from 1966, adapted from a James Collier short story, with four songs by (who else) Stephen Sondheim.

In it, a misanthropic poet, Charles (Anthony Perkins in the original, Mandy Patinkin in this recording), runs away to live in a department store ("If You Can Find Me, I'm Here"), where he runs into a whole society of people who came up with that idea before him. There he meets Ella (Charmian Carr in the original, Bernadette Peters in this recording), a maid, who wants nothing more than to escape, but is afraid to try ("I Remember"). They fall in love ("When"), and Ella convinces Charles to help her escape ("Take Me to the World"). They make a break for it, but are caught and turned into mannequins.

Charming, huh? There have been three recordings of this; the one I uploaded is the earliest, from Mandy Patinkin's Dress Casual. He's joined by Bernadette Peters as Ella. There are four songs, all beautiful, although only "I Remember" has any fame at all, and that's as a cabaret song.

They really need to be listened to as a whole, because the songs blend into each other. Don't worry, though; they're all fantastic.

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