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For infinitepryde: His Gift

"Did you find what you were looking for?" She is a shadow on the bed, a shadow wrapped in red silk.

"No, but I found something even better, my love." He is a shadow in the doorway, a shadow with white highlights.

"What did you bring me, then? Pearls from the lips of a white witch?" She is a shadow on the edge of the bed, a shadow wreathed in golden light.

"That would be diamonds, my love, and I've brought you better." He is a shadow in front of the window, a shadow with light fingers.

"What did you bring me, then? Cinnamon from the dreams of a half-crazed adventurer?" She is a shadow kneeling on the carpet, a shadow cloaked in dark tresses.

"That would be myrrh, my love, and I've brought you better." He is a shadow turning off the lamp, a shadow honed razor-thin.

"What did you bring me, then? Fine gauze from the soul of a dying child?" She is a shadow rising to greet him, a shadow now bare and bright.

"That would be lace, my love, and I've brought you better." He is a shadow standing there before her, a shadow grave and calm.

"Tell me, then, tell me." She is a shadow, and she reaches out.

"I brought you a star, my love, to burn you clean at last." He is a holy light, reaching out to touch the shadow.

"I loved you always." She is ashes now.

"You never did." But he will carry her ashes with him until the day he is ashes, too.

Not doing these in any particular order, just as ideas come to mind.
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