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Summary: MI-5 Season Finale.

Christine: I love you, Tom! Here, this top-secret paper wound up on my desk by accident. Don't tell anyone I gave it to you!
Tom: Oh no! Assassination plot! Let me fix this! By the way, I love you too even though our bosses forbid us to be together. Isn't sneaking around and having sex in hotel rooms great?
[TOM goes back to the Batcave THAMES HOUSE.]
Tom: Psst! Don't tell Harry, but the CIA is hiding an assassination plot from us! Help me stop them!
Zoe and Danny: Uh, okay.
Danny: This is kind of weird.
Zoe: Yeah, isn't it?
Danny: Oh no! Tom is planning to run away to Slovakia with Christine!
Harry: Gotcha!
Harry: Gasp! We must immediately stop trusting Tom!
[CIA GUY leads TOM into a TRAP. ZOE and DANNY follow TOM.]
Danny: You traitor!
Tom: WTF?
[MASKED GUYS take TOM away. ZOE and DANNY wake up in an EMPTY BARN.]
CIA Guy: Surprise! Remember me?
Tom: OMFG! Herman Joyce!
Audience: WTF?
CIA Guy: You destroyed my daughter! Now I'm going to destroy you!
Audience: WTF?
[Two-second flashback.]
Audience: Oh, now I see what--wait, no I don't! WTF?
CIA Guy: Muahahaha!
[CIA GUY frames TOM for the BIG ASSASSINATION and leaves him in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.]
Tom: It's all a setup, guys! CIA Guy is behind it all! Come meet me here, but don't bring any Special Forces with you!
Zoe and Danny: Let's go!
Harry: Let me just get these Special Forces people ready.
Zoe and Danny: But--!
Harry: Tom is evil and a traitor!
[They find TOM hiding in a CORNER with a RIFLE.]
Harry: Tom, CIA Guy has been dead for five years.
Tom: He faked his death!
Harry, Danny, and Zoe: No, he didn't.
Tom: Yes, he did.
Harry, Danny, and Zoe: No, he didn't.
Tom: WTF?
Harry: I'm bringing in the Special Forces!
[TOM shoots HARRY.]
Zoe and Danny: Oh my God, you killed Harry! You bastard!
[SAD MUSIC plays.]
Tom: What have I done?
[TOM kills himself, only he DOESN'T, because there's going to be ANOTHER SEASON and he's the MAIN CHARACTER.]

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