ZERO :: the Fool (annwyd) wrote,
ZERO :: the Fool

Anyway, enough of my dumbass art teacher. Instead I shall share some of the prettiest things I found in my quest for Art That Is True Art (But I Only Found 'Illustrations').

Ursula Vernon: most of you have probably seen these already (I know a lot of my friendslist follows her work nigh-religiously), but some of you may not have.
The Serpent and the Oleanders
Swan Maiden (I really like the story behind this one.)
Angel of Babylon (Unf.)
Gearworld: Weight (The Gearworld is a significant visual inspiration for much of what I'm doing on rosemush.)
Badger Mech
Invarion (Unf the Gearworld, unf unf unf)
Bad Egg
Gearworld Invasion

Christophe Vacher: Such pretty pretty oils. So pretty. Unf.
The Gate
The Long Sleep
Automne (detail)
The Frontier
Endless Dream

I'm not going to try to get him to accept any more of these artists illustrators after all that, but I'll list a few more whose work I really like. No specific listings of pictures, 'cause that'd make this even spammier than it already is.
Naomi Nowak -- Exotic-looking, striking backgrounds and (usually female) figures. So pretty.
Alice Duke -- Another unfairly young and unfairly talented artist. So good.
Linda Bergkvist isn't as good as she thinks she is, but her stuff is worth a look anyway.

Actually, Epilogue is in general a really good place to look for awesome art. I'd see a hell of a lot more art spending my Thursday nights going through there than by going to my damn class, that's for sure.

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