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Crack meme from sunsitenthai

Pick twelve characters. List them. Then answer the questions.

1) John Constantine
2) Hatake Kakashi
3) Urahara Kisuke
4) Haruno Sakura
5) Gregory House
6) Mwu la Fllaga
7) Kuchiki Rukia
8) Archer
9) Tohsaka Rin
10) Fllay Allster
11) Data
12) Odo
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I wrote Rin/Archer pr0n in response to this meme in dragonsquee's LJ. I suppose I'll post it in my own journal later today.
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this was sirusavi's idea

Beware the Jewingan.

It can assess your monetary value with a single glance!

And don't even think of the Moneygekyou Jewingan, which can drain your assets right out of you!

On a slightly saner note, here are my new Fate/stay night icons:

They are also free to a good home with credit.

Barely got any of the things I planned to do today actually done. Instead, I went and claimed Fllay at 5trueloves (which is a kickass community idea, and I am shocked that nobody has claimed Sasuke there yet. Anyone? Anyone? a_white_rain? Anyone?), giving myself even more things to do. But making the Jewingan makes up for all that. Somehow.

And now sleep.