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well that episode was faaaaabulous.

It was really interesting, actually, because I first watched the episode some months ago as a non-shipper, and I adored it then because it really spoke to my spy fetish, but now? pwn. Even though it's a silly holodeck episode, it totally encapsulates everything that makes Garak/Bashir awesome.

(Note to self: get the right screencaps from "The Wire" to make a Garak/Bashir icon, since Trekcore, for once, does not have them.)

Also, there may be a list of Heterosexual Things One Can Say Upon Waking Up In A Holodeck Recreation Of A 1960s Mansion.

Nowhere on this list is the following comment:

"Another decorator's nightmare. This era has a distinct lack of taste."

I mean, seriously. There is no way that Garak is straight. No way at all.
gay, Gundam 00

I don't understand.

"As you may also know, I have a clothing shop nearby, so...if you should require any apparel, or merely wish, as I do...for a bit of enjoyable company now and then...I'm at your disposal, doctor."

How can the scriptwriters have one man say that to another, in that slithery, ambiguous tone of voice, and then later, when they find out that people slash the two of them, be freaked out?

I don't undersnad;;;;

After they found out about the slash, the scriptwriters tried so hard to make Garak straight, but his actor continued to defeat them. :D

Edit: Hahahaha oh my God he felt Julian up. I'm looking at the script now and that wasn't in it. I love you Andrew Robinson.