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welcome back from the abyss

I. No, friendslist-chan, I have not abandoned you. I've just been kind of...not all here for the past week or so. Specifically, I've mostly been sandbox-RPing in the nexuscity setting, and it's totally gotten out of hand. Suffice to say, it's been almost a year and a half since I last RPed a character I was totally obsessed with. Even if it is damned weird to be RPing a character from a critically-acclaimed crime drama, WTF? On a game with characters from fantasy novels and comic books? Also, writing his dialogue makes me feel really damned white. It's embarrassing.

That said: Omar's page on nexuscity's wiki, sup. No spoilers, just general awesome of which I am far too proud.

Unfortunately this all means that my desire to RP other characters has dropped into a puddle around my feet. Omar is holding them all at gunpoint or something, I don't know. (He totally isn't. He would never do that unless they were selling drugs or something. Maybe they're just scared of him? Or awed by his hotness?)

II. Saw PotC: At World's End the other day. We went out for dinner first; our waiter was a cute and friendly guy who kept flirting with me. I felt bad about being a lesbian for like, the only time in my life. :(

Then the movie. Collapse )

II. Now for some television stuff! Collapse )

III. I have a fair amount of things I need to do at the moment. Here are the important ones:
--Figure out how to get a hold of a copy of my GED
--Finish Kean application (I won't be able to get into the fall semester, since the deadline for that was May 31, but spring should work)
--Get my passport renewed/redone/whatever so we can go to London again this summer, omfg yes
--Prereg for Otakon, finally
--Figure out who I'll be staying with at Otakon!

Here are the less important ones that I still should get done eventually:
--Figure out what more needs to be done on rosemush before I can start advertising it again
--Fanfiction for yuri_challenge (dead muse is dead)
--Wiki entries on Clockland and Elfland for nexuscity
--Free my other characters in my brain enough to RP Marcus and Hughes on ineffablegame
--Catch up on Romeo x Juliet
--Probably some other stuff I'm forgetting

More trivial stuff and/or stuff that I have plenty of time on:
--Fic for 30_kisses
--Fic for het_challenge
--Get back into icontests and icons in general (I neeeeed to make more Wire icons. I need an icon of my OT3, I need more Omar icons, I need more Stringer Bell icons...oh, and I need to make icons of hot black men for rampant_geekery)
--Pick up some new canons

IV. Speaking of new canons--aside from Battlestar Galactica, which I will watch as soon as I find the damned DVDs, my current choices for "getting into next" are Heroes on the TV front and xxxHolic on the anime/manga front.

I just have to...deWire my brain a little.

V. Meme time! Actually, the second one is Old Meme, but it's been a while, so whatever.

a) Name a character and I will give you three reasons why he or she sucks. (Not guaranteed to be serious. You know how hard it is to get me to hate a character.)
b) Name a character, pairing, or canon, and I will list my unpopular opinions on the subject.

I've been failing to complete memes a lot lately, so uh...I'll try to keep that in mind and finish this one. :<

VI. lol sup Gundam 00

What can I say? From the names involved, it looks awesome. The director of FMA and the writer of Honey and Clover? I'm so there. Also, the character designs are by the Loveless artist; I'm less familiar with that, but I know some of you guys are fond of it. I'm not too thrilled by the decision to set it 300 years in the future of this world rather than in some vague and nebulous future, because I can just see them doing all sorts of dumb political stuff with that, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

However, after Code Geass, I am very bitter about everything related to Sunrise. Yet I will at least try to watch this one. Although I'm hoping I'll have finished Wing and maybe even Turn A by the time it starts airing in October.

The purple-haired one with glasses had seriously better be a girl.

VII. Cat macros for your journal! It doesn't work so well on mine, because most of the subjects for my public entries are boring, but I've seen some good ones from other people's LJs.

VIII. Am once again working on getting rosemush into shape, especially now that I've drafted kanna onto staff for added abuse. (Although I still feel bad about abandoning our original staff naming theme. Sigh.)

We also finally have a functioning room parent; now I just need to figure out what to do about getting players and keeping them. I've come up with a couple of code-based ideas that play into each other. One is a system of NPCs that players can talk to in order to hear tidbits about the setting and what's going on. Another is a series of secret commands and hidden rooms hinted at in descriptions. With these two systems, players could uncover mini-plots on their own and RP them as they like.

Except I'm not sure anybody would use said system. Other than that...the only idea I have? Lots of plots. And I'm not sure how many I could handle.

IX. I've all but run out of Katamari cousins and Berserk characters to make as starters on Pony Island, so I've moved on instead to making breeding pairs of my favorite (non-Berserk) pairings. So far I have Squall and Rinoa (Phoenix ponies), Rydia and Edge (Valkyrie ponies), Dearka and Miriallia (Winged Unicorns), Fllay and Yzak (Fairy ponies), Allen and Rinali (Winged Unicorns), and Karin and Chad (Earth ponies). I'm not sure who to make next, or what breed to make them. But they'll be very cute.

X. Having not posted in a week, I'm pretty sure I have more that should be said. But I can't think of it right now, so I'mma just post now, whee.